Jamie draws things

Learning to draw digitally and taking you for the ride.
Stuff you'll see me drawing about: video games, cartoons, trans* stuff, random ideas.

Jamie’s back, with a serious mental health problem.

Anonymous asked:
You said you recently came out? I'm guessing this means as your sexuality and I'm just curious because I have personal stories with it. I don't mean to be nosy! If this is true could you tell us what you identify as and your story? Thanks xo

Weell I wouldn’t call half a year ago recent. But I ID as a trans male. In terms of orientation, I like saying queer cause it’s kind of all-encompassing, but I’m attracted to women. You have personal stories with what, anon?

The leader of Citizen Radio’s Turkey Uprising of 2013:
"[the pardoned turkey] goes home, but he hasn’t forgotten his fallen comrades..he goes home and he trains. They have a little turkey boot-camp, little turkey weights, they get really muscular, Rambo-style, the camouflage bands around their foreheads."

"I know every republican’s making a huge deal about how the world war 2 vets just wanna go to their memorial [during the shutdown], has anyone thought about just tricking them? They’re SO OLD."

Jamie’s trick veteran memorial from today’s Citizen Radio.
You should be listening to em. Otherwise this will make no sense and will probably be kind of offensive.

Also am I back? I’m not sure just yet.

Have a really quick one. Cause I’m sorry for being too sad to post/draw.

I tried to draw you guys a Krafayis.

You guys I did a thing! I’m obsessed with Attack On Titan lately. Also I reeally prefer the black and white, I’m not too good at colouring.

Am I the only one who thinks that the “Lord of the Dash” holo-taunt in Hawken looks like a mech-BMO?

Life Update, AKA Jamie! freaking draw something!

So in regards to this, I finally have a real 9-5 job now to pay off that new debt. But I still have my writing jobs that I do once I get home from work, so drawing time is limited. But I don’t want it to be, so I am gonna keep trying. Maybe I’ll make a new schedule for it.

I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m not losing interest, in fact I’m finally regaining interest since the shitstorm that was March. 

Also I’d like to say to those of you who liked/reblogged that “weight” post, if it was because you’re in the same 3 situations, send me a message and we can all bond over how our lives got so shitty so quickly, and maybe discuss what we can do to make it better.

I’m serious.